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Individual, couple and family counselling


Individual Counselling

In my sessions with individuals, my focus is to create an environment where clients can reflect, think and express themselves in a supportive and safe space. However, none of us is an island, so when I listen to my client's story, I am also holding in mind the relationship context within which they live. Understanding this context is often key to becoming clearer on how to manage the problems and mental health symptoms we face as individuals.


Couples Counselling

The unique opportunity created in my sessions with couples is that my clients can hear one another tell me what they think and how they feel in the relationship. The presence of a therapist who is able to be a calm and neutral third party can be the starting point for clients to understand themselves and their partner better. My job is not to take sides, or to apportion blame, but to help people see their part in the problems they face, and support them to make positive changes in themselves and their relationship.


Family Counselling

In our busy lives, it can sometimes feel impossible to connect with and be heard by the people in our family. In my sessions with families, I see it as essential that everyone is heard and has the opportunity to express their unique perspective on the challenges as they see them. Family counselling is most effective when each person in the room has a goal for themselves, rather than putting their energy into trying to change another.


Professional Clinical Supervision

As a clinical supervisor, I am informed by my Social Work background and a Systemic approach to therapy. I am always keen to foster a collaborative learning environment, and seek to create a safe and supportive space to stretch and grow those with whom I work. I am commited to reflective and reflexive practice, and clinician self care as core components in effective clinical supervision. If you have any questions about my approach, please get in touch.

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About Meg

I have always been interested and curious about people and relationships, and so I see it as a genuine privilege to spend time with people helping them become clearer on how they might best manage the challenges they face. Whether working with an individual, a couple, or a whole family, I am keen to understand the relationship context of my client’s problems. Seeing the bigger picture is an important pathway to becoming clearer on one's self.

My work is primarily informed by Bowen Family Systems Theory. Simply put, this theory explores how humans function in relation to one another. Therapeutically, it is concerned with helping people to grow in their capacity to be meaningfully connected to others, but also clear on who they are as an individual - able to hold on to themselves in important relationships, particularly under pressure and stress. I coach clients to observe themselves and the automatic ways they manage their challenges. When clients have greater clarity on what is getting in their way, they are more able to explore alternative pathways that are more in line with what they want and who they want to be.

My clinical approach is also informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness approaches especially when assisting clients to manage symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

I am an accredited mental health social worker and provide Medicare rebates to clients who have a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP.

I am committed to ongoing professional development and clinical supervision in order to stay abreast of current research and literature, and to ensure accountability for delivering a high level of service provision to my clients.

Clinical Interests

  • Relationship challenges

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Perinatal mental health

  • Burnout and holistic wellbeing

  • Faith and spirituality

Qualifications and Affiliations

  • Master of Counselling Social Work (UNSW)

  • Post-Graduate Diploma of Counselling (ACAP)

  • Bachelor of Social Work (UNSW)

  • Advanced Certificate in Bowen Family Systems Theory (FSI)

  • Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

  • Member and Accredited Supervisor with the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does therapy take?

Each session runs for 1 hour. The frequency of sessions, and the number of sessions required is highly individual so I will discuss this with you in our first appointment.

Do I need a referral?

No, you don't need a referral. Simply get in touch and we can make an appointment.

How much do sessions cost?

Sessions are charged at $230 per hour.

Are rebates available?

Rebates are available through the Medicare Better Access Scheme. Clients will need a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP in order to access the rebate. The rebate provided by Medicare for seeing a social worker is $82.30 for up to 10 sessions per calendar year.

Client Testimonials

“I found my sessions with Meg particularly useful in helping me to zoom out and gain perspective around the things that were happening in my life that seemed overwhelming.  Meg created a safe space to help me process my thoughts and to better understand the important relationships in my life.”  

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Contact Me

1/572 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby, 2068

0434 769 484

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